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How to Fix a Broken Cell Phone

How to Fix a Broken Cell Phone

Wireless Rx Can Help You Avert a Crisis
Customers Can Have Their Mobile Devices
Fixed without Leaving Their Home or Office

It’s happened before and it will happen again.

You are using your cell phone to communicate with your boss from your home office. You not only need the cell phone to talk to your boss, but you also need it to communicate with clients.

In fact, you’re on a deadline. You need to complete your company’s assignment by the end of the day. If you don’t, your company could lose one or more clients and your job could be jeopardized.

Then, it happens. Suddenly, the cell phone stops working. You are infuriated. You yell. You curse. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing!” you say to yourself. All you know is that you need to have the cell phone fixed quickly — very quickly.

In the past, a broken cell phone has been a crisis. So has a broken iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or tablet.

If you know where the repair shops are, you have to leave your home or office. Perhaps you need to price shop before making a decision. Then, you have to wait while your mobile device is repaired. It’s not uncommon for a repair shop to tell you that you can only pick up your fixed device the next day or even later.

If you don’t know where the repair shops are, you have a bigger problem, particularly if your only mobile devices are broken.

We'll send a mobile repair truck to your office or home.

Fortunately, Wireless Rx - Polaris can help you avert a future crisis because the company’s expert mobile device repair staffers can fix your broken devices at YOUR office or home. You heard that right. WE WILL COME TO YOU!

Wireless Rx can, and will, send a mobile repair truck to your office or home so your broken device will be fixed without you having to be inconvenienced by travel, shopping, or waiting in lines. Customers can have their mobile devices fixed quickly while they’re doing other necessary home or work tasks rather than just waiting.

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Besides the door-to-door mobile truck service, Wireless Rx also has full-service repair shops at 2156 Polaris Parkway and 9711-D Sawmill Parkway in Powell. Our repair shops specialize in fixing your mobile device quickly at affordable prices. We are proud that our repair experts are skilled at repairing mobile devices manufactured by numerous companies, including Apple, LG, and Samsung.

Wireless Rx's two stores also buy and sell mobile devices as well as mobile device accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, chargers, durable cases, and screen protectors. You can buy remanufactured devices that cost far less than new mobile devices at these two stores.

Anyone who is interested in having their mobile device repaired can get a free price quote by calling 614-699-3333. You can also contact the company via this website.