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Top Myths About Cell Phone Water Damage

Top Myths About Cell Phone Water Damage

Do you know what your real options are when you've just dropped your smartphone in water? There are many suggestions floating around out there, such as putting your phone in rice, oatmeal, or even cat litter, many of these can potentially cause more damage to your phone. Here are some of the common myths about smartphones and water damage and how to really get the repairs you need.

Myth 1: Putting Your Phone in a Bowl of Rice Can Save It

This is one of the most common phone myths, and it's bad news. Yes, uncooked rice can absorb water — a little bit of water, at least. But rice is also harvested and packaged with a whole lot of accompanying dust. Look at your rice cooking instructions, and you'll see that many start with a tip to rinse the rice to get rid of this dust. Burying your smartphone in a pile of rice is a great way to get all this dust into the cracks and vulnerable areas of your phone, potentially causing even more damage.

Myth 2: Really, Any Absorbent Will Do the Trick

Other myths recommend burying your phone in oatmeal, cat litter, silica gel, chia seeds — really, anything that's known to absorb water. This is a little silly. Yes, cat litter can absorb moisture, but it can also scratch your phone and get dirt in the cracks. The same is true of most other absorbents; they can easily do more harm than good to your phone.

Water Damage to Cell Phones

Myth 3: You Have to Drop Your Smartphone Fully in Water for It to Be Damaged

Water damage only happens when you drop your phone fully into the sink or toilet, right? Not so much. In fact, water damage can occur during rainfall or because of a cooking accident, as long as water ends up in unlucky spots. Newer phones offer better water resistance than older phones, but most are still susceptible to damage without submersion. In other words, be sure to protect your phone in the event of a cloudburst.

Myth 4: You Can Waterproof Your Own Phone

There are plenty of "tricks" and cases that claim to lend your phone some degree of waterproofing. It's not smart to automatically believe they will work. Maybe some high-end phone cases can help, but most do-it-yourself waterproofing will only make it easier for your phone to capture water in small pockets. Real waterproofing occurs in the design and production process.

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Myth 5: Once Your Phone Is Wet, the Damage Has Already Been Done

Not true! It's important to act quickly when your phone is wet, because water can slowly seep through your phone and find sensitive electronics to damage over time. Don't assume the worst has already been done just because you rescued your phone.

Truth: There's Hope after Water Damage

Because of misleading warranties, many believe that water damage automatically requires the purchase of a new phone. The truth is that your phone can often be repaired when damaged by water, as long as you take it to experts such as those at Wireless Rx – Polaris, who know what they are doing. Find a repair service as soon as possible, and avoid handling your phone as much as possible to help minimize damage.