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How to Save the Life of Your Cell Phone Battery

How to Save the Life of Your Cell Phone Battery

Few things are more frustrating than running out of battery power, which always seems to happen at exactly the wrong time. Here are a few tips to help you increase the life of your cell phone battery, regardless of what type of phone you use.

iPhone Battery Saving Tips

One of the biggest battery-draining features of the iPhone is the power required to light up the screen every time you receive a notification of a new text, email, reminder or social media activity. By adjusting your notifications settings, you can remove the screen activation for those notifications that are not essential.

Another way to preserve battery life is to take a closer look at which apps are downloading data behind the scenes. By selecting Settings > General > Background App Refresh, you can see which apps are running around the clock and disable those that do not require such frequent activity.

One of the biggest draws of the iPhone is the array of unique apps and features that it offers. However, these tools can quickly consume battery power. Evaluate which features you don't commonly use and manually turn them off to save juice. They can always be reactivated if and when they are needed. Examples include Handoff, Share My Location, Frequent Locations and AirDrop.

Battery Saving Tips

Android Phone Battery Saving Tips

A major battery-draining feature found on Android phones is the Auto-Brightness setting. This feature will evaluate the current level of light and adjust your screen’s brightness to accommodate for low-light environments. However, the brightness setting that the device usually selects is far brighter than most users actually need. A better approach is to set your screen at the lowest brightness setting that allows for comfortable viewing and then adjust up from there when needed.

Another way to save battery life is to think carefully about whether features such as GPS, WiFi and mobile data need to be turned on at all times. For most of us, these features can be turned off for large portions of the day and then turned back on only when they are needed. The power required to run these tools can be a major drain on your battery.

One of the best ways to preserve battery power (and to keep your phone generally updated) is to regularly assess your apps and delete any that are no longer being used. As for those that make the cut, regularly updating them can take advantage of battery optimizations that the developers include within many updates.

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By putting these tips into action, you can greatly improve the battery life of your cell phone. Whether you have an iPhone or Android product, the best way to optimize battery life is to learn the features and settings applicable to your specific phone model. In the process, you may just discover a tool that can make your phone even more indispensable. For those who need a little help navigating through the many features and settings within their phones, Wireless Rx is more than happy to send out one of our highly trained technicians to show you how it is done in the comfort of your own home!

If you notice that your battery isn't charging well or loses power rapidly, there may be a loose connection or port. This will require professional phone repair. You won't even need to leave your home or office if you call Wireless Rx's Mobile Phone Repair service. We'll come to you and fix your iPhone, iPad or Android device within a few hours.