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Charging Issues?

Charging Issues?

Let's face it, your cell phone is your lifeline. It connects you to friends, family members, work, and keeps you in the loop on everything from the simple daily occurances to big life events. It can even save your life in some cases, by allowing you to contact emergency help when needed. You wouldn't go a day without your cell phone if you didn't have to. So why take the chance and be left without it when you need it?

If you are having charging issues like longer charge times, or battery life that is simply deplorable, you are not alone. Charging issues are an ever-present reality in today's world, and they can really impact your life. Luckily, they can be fixed fast and easily in most cases. Just because it takes a long time to charge your cell phone doesn't mean you are in for huge cell phone repair bills. In fact, you probably don't need any cell phone repairs at all. Here are the top five reasons your cell phone is having charging issues--and how to fix them.

1. Battery Damage? Cell phones take lots of abuse, and often times we just expect them to keep on working. However, your battery can become damaged by shocks (dropping the phone) or water. Either one can decrease the battery life. Simple fix is to replace the battery with a fresh one, since you can't repair a cell phone battery yourself.

Mulitple Apps in the Background

2. Charger Issues. Your charger can also be the problem if your battery just takes a long time to charge. Some chargers just don't allow enough juice to get to your battery fast enough in order to charge it quickly. Simple solution is to buy another battery charger accessory, one that has the power you need. Choose one designed just for your particular handset, and make sure the connectors are clean, undamaged, and in working order. 

3. Battery Depletion. One common cause of weak or short-lived battery times, especially among older phones, is a depleted battery. This is another simple fix, just replace the battery in your phone. You can not fix a dying battery, it is simply losing its ability to hold a charge.

4.  Multiple Apps Running in the Background. Sometimes the cause of a fast-dying battery is not your charger, or the battery at all, it's the Apps on your phone. In the Android system, these apps will constantly run in the background, grinding away at your battery life while you really get nothing out of them. There's a simple fix that requires absolutely no cell phone repair of the manual kind. Just go into your settings, and set the programs to not run in the background. Or, better yet, download a battery saving app from the app store.

5. Networks. Your network can devour your battery life. Your phone will search for a network when you are out of range, eating up battery time fast. 4G networks eat up more. So, turn off the data roaming, and 4G network to conserve the battery when not in use!

6. Loose or Damaged Charging Port. Charging ports can be damaged over time from normal wear, a dropped handset, moisture or improperly connection/disconnection the charger. Wireless Rx - Polaris offers expert technicians prepared to replace and/or repair your device.

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