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Mobile Security Tips

Mobile Security Tips

Those who own cell phones use them just about every day. Aside from sending text messages and calls, smart phone owners use these devices for shopping, social media and web surfing. Yet these activities have some inherent dangers. Everyone who owns a cellular phone should take a number of safety precautions to protect the information that passes through these little devices.

Use a Lock Code

Lock codes are frowned upon by most smartphone users because they are inconvenient. Yet those who use a lock code embrace this minor annoyance because it has the potential to prevent identity theft. A lock code is a password that protects a cell phone. Choose a sequence of numbers, set it as your lock code and type it in each time you grab your phone. This way, if you lose your phone or if someone steals it, you'll have peace of mind. Thieves can steal your phone, but they'll have a difficult time cracking your lock code. Also, don't forget to set your phone to automatically lock once you are done using it.

Find Your Phone Tools

There's a wide variety of apps and software like Find My iPhone and Android's Find My Phone that make the phone recovery process surprisingly easy. If you ever lose your phone, these tools will help you determine its location. If you suspect your phone has been stolen, don't go after it on your own. Either take another person with you or contact the authorities to recover it.

Turn Off Auto Connect to Wi-Fi

Nowadays, there are Wi-Fi networks just about everywhere. Plenty of smartphones are designed to automatically connect with any available Wi-Fi network and/or Bluetooth devices. The problem is that some of these networks are set up in an effort to pilfer sensitive information. Disable the automatic connect option to stop your phone from connecting to these networks and subsequently transmitting your private data.

Log out after mobile purchases and banking

Log Out after Online Purchases and Banking

Just about everyone who owns a smartphone uses it for online shopping and banking. Yet few take the time to log out of merchant websites after making a payment. Most of these websites save your personal information as well as the financial information used to make the purchase. If your phone falls into the wrong hands and you are still logged into these merchant websites, you'll likely become a victim of identity theft.

Inspect App Privacy Settings

Certain apps request an extraordinary amount of personal information. Some monitor your location and even obtain access to your passwords, text messages and activity on other apps. This is an invasion of your privacy that you should not allow. The vast majority of apps really do not need all of this personal information to function as designed. So don't let them monitor your life. Take a look at each app's privacy settings and deny them access to your information.

Mobile Repair Service at Wireless Rx

If your mobile phone or other mobile device malfunctions in any manner, do not panic. While it is difficult to make it through a day or several days without your smart phone, help is on the way. The tech experts at Wireless Rx are available to troubleshoot and repair your mobile device. We can send a mobile device expert out to your home or office to perform a quick cell phone repair. Or, you can come on in to our service station at 2156 Polaris Pkwy in Columbus, OH 43240.