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How to Tell If Your LCD Screen Is Broken

How to Tell If Your LCD Screen Is Broken

Life happens, and so do accidents. When those accidents happen to your cellphone, it is difficult not to let life come to a total stand still. It takes just a fraction of a second for a dropped phone to shatter and completely separate you from your cyber-world. It's easy to see if your screen is cracked as the damage will be obvious. 

But many customers come to Wireless RX with what they think is only a broken screen, only to find out from the technician that the LCD is also broken.

Screen vs. LCD: What's the difference? 

What you see as your phone's screen is actually made up of layers. You are probably most familiar with the layer of glass serving as the phone's top-most screen. The glass screen is designed to protect, view and operate your phone. But beneath this layer of glass lies the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. The LCD screen is what powers your phone's touch-response and is responsible for the quality of images it displays. 

How to tell if the LCD is broken

When your phone's screen is damaged, it's easy to see; it will appear shattered, cracked or scratched. But just because your screen is cracked doesn't mean the LCD is broken. In fact, it could still be in perfect working order. So how do you know if its damaged, too? Your LCD screen is likely damaged if you see: 

  • Out-of-place lines, scratches or patterns that appear on the screen
  • Black spots or areas that look blurry 
  • A completely black screen 

Blotches on your screen could indicate the LCD screen is broken

Replacing an LCD Screen 

The LCD screen is one of the most vulnerable parts of your phone, so if your phone has taken a nasty fall there is a good chance you'll need a new LCD screen. At Wireless RX, we offer screen and LCD replacement for a range of devices including Apple, LG and Samsung cellphones and tablets. Yes, the LCD screen is powerful, but replacing it is no big thing; we simply open up your phone and swap the broken screen out for a new one. The cost of the replacement depends on the size of your phone, as larger phones will need larger screens. 

Trust the Professionals

Unless you have experience repairing electronic devices, do not try to replace the LCD screen yourself. If you don't know what you're doing you could end up causing even more serious and irreparable damage to your phone, and the costs of those repairs could seriously outweigh the initial cost to repair/replace your LCD screen. At Wireless RX, we offer impeccable digital device repair service. Not only will we repair your LCD screen, but our technicians will check for other damage that might not be visually present.

We know you have a busy schedule, so if you can't make it out to the store to get your LCD screen replaced we can bring our mobile repair unit to you. Contact us today to schedule a repair.